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So – you think you want to retire in 15 or 20 years and need to make life a little easier when that time comes?

And – you don’t see how in the world you will be able to save enough?

Now – it looks like the stock market is no guarantee of a soft cushion?

A simple investment in a rental home financed on a 15 or 20 year note is a great savings generator and can have you playing golf or sailing the high seas when retirement time comes.

If you buy a home today, rent it out until the note is paid, you will end up with a sizable pile of cash that your tenants have provided. Check out the numbers. All figures are approximate.

$150,000         About the price you will pay for a typical rental home

$15,000           Down payment investment

$1367              Monthly payment 15 year note

$1190              Monthly payment 20 year note

$1200              Monthly rental income (normally increases with inflation)

$225,000         Rent collected over 15 years

$150,000         Value of home - zero inflation or appreciation when the note is paid

$233,695         Value of home – 3% appreciation

And at the end of 15 years –

  • Sell it and cash out
  • Sell & finance it for steady monthly income
  • Continue to rent it with no mortgage payment

Leverage is one of the excellent benefits of real estate investment. In this example, your initial cash investment is only $15,000 although any appreciation is based on the full $150,000.

If the idea interests you, call me. I can help put you on the road to a tenant paid retirement.
Are you too young to worry about retirement? How about a college education for the kids? It works the same.

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